IET Ghana - Northern Sector

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The strategic coverage of IET-Gh, Northern Sector, encompasses key regions such as Northern Region, Upper East, Upper West, Savannah Region, and North East Region,

The Institution of Engineering and Technology Ghana (IET-Gh) Northern Sector, established between 2012 and 2015, operates strategically across key regions including the Northern Region, Upper East, Upper West, Savannah Region, and North East Region.

IET-Gh, formerly known as the Ghana Institution of Technician Engineers and later as the Institution of Incorporated Engineers, underwent transformative changes over the years, culminating in its current designation as the Institution of Engineering and Technology, Ghana in 2014. Engineer John Amoah played a significant role in initiating these transformations, leading efforts to raise awareness and engage potential members.

Key figures including Engineer Henry K. Boateng, Engineer Alexander Kello, Engineer Seth Ayim, Engineer Clemence Zeyey, and Engineer Appiah Yeboah furthered these efforts, ultimately leading to the official establishment of the Northern Sector on March 30, 2023.


The IET-Gh Northern Sector is dedicated to promoting engineering excellence, advocating for technological advancements, enhancing professional networking, engaging in community outreach, and supporting professional development. These objectives underscore the institution's commitment to fostering a dynamic and inclusive engineering community.


Membership with IET-Gh Northern Sector offers some of the extensive benefits to our members including;
1. Networking and Collaboration
2. Exclusive Access to Resources
3. Recognition and Awards
4. Career Advancement Support
5. Community Involvement and Outreach
6. Continuous Learning Opportunities

Below are the Dynamic Projects Completed:

Latest Reports on the Northern Sector

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    IET-Gh Northern Sector Reports on Excellence and advocacy for Technological Advancements in the Northern Region
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    Reports on Achievements in Enhancing Professional Networking and Community Engagement Initiatives
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Meet the Executives

IET Northern Sector Executives

Engr. Gibson Asiayire

Sector Treasurer

Engr. John Amoah

Sector Chairman

Engr. Iddrisu Ali

Upper West Rep

Engr. Michael Atayire

Upper East Rep