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Celebrating Excellence: Davor Wonder Named Best Engineering and Technologist for 2022/23

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We are thrilled to announce that Davor Wonder has been honored as the best Engineering and Technologist for the year 2022/23 at the prestigious Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry awards. Davor’s remarkable journey is not only a testament to his professional prowess but also an inspiring story of dedication and success against all odds.

What makes Ing. Davor’s journey even more inspiring is his humble beginnings and unwavering commitment to his work. Throughout his career, he has approached every task with dedication, unaware that his efforts were being closely monitored.

His  outstanding contributions caught the attention of Engr. Henry Kwadwo Boateng, the President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), who proudly put forward Davor’s name for recognition. This acknowledgment underscores the belief that hard work and dedication can propel individuals to stand out, regardless of their location or circumstances.

Thanks to information technology and platforms like Zoom, Davor has transcended geographical boundaries, proving that distance should never be a barrier to success. Currently serving as an engineer at Akwatia Denkyembour District and holding the position of Head of Civil and Building Division within the IET, Davor exemplifies the power of technology in connecting professionals across the globe.

His journey extends beyond the Chamber of Construction Industry awards, as he has received two additional accolades in his district – the Most Diligent Worker of the Year and the Best Head of Departments. Furthermore, he has been honored by Diamond Excellence, an institution recognizing exceptional individuals across various fields, solidifying his status as a standout figure in the realm of engineering and technology.

Davor expressed his joy and gratitude for the recognition, stating that it not only brought joy to his heart but also served as a source of inspiration to his fellow engineers. He commended the construction industry, particularly the CEO, for their commitment and positive impact on his professional journey.

Ing. Davor’s journey is a compelling narrative of determination, hard work, and the enduring pursuit of professional excellence in the world of engineering and technology. His accolades not only showcase his individual achievements but also highlight the collective success of the construction industry and the impact of dedication on professional growth.

Join us in celebrating Ing. Davor Wonder’s outstanding achievements, as he continues to inspire and uplift the engineering and technology community with his remarkable story.

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