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IET Ghana Urges Government To Equip The Works Department With Adequate Resources

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The Institution of Engineering and Technology Ghana (IET) is urging the government to focus on and properly fund the Works Department to combat the growing issues of unregulated construction and frequent building collapses. The President of IET, Henry Kwadwo Boateng, highlighted in an interview with Adom News the critical need for resources in the Works Department of various Municipal and District Assemblies (MDAs).

Despite the government’s efforts to recruit professionals for this department, Engr. Boateng stressed that the lack of necessary tools is rendering these efforts ineffective. He emphasized the importance of equipping the department to effectively oversee and manage construction projects.

The key concern raised by Engr. Henry Kwadwo Boateng is the urgent need for tools and resources essential for supervising and monitoring construction activities. The current shortage of these resources is leading to poor enforcement of construction standards, resulting in the rise of haphazard construction and subsequent building collapses.

Engr. Boateng also pointed out that inadequate monitoring and supervision are leading to the growth of substandard structures, posing risks to public safety and compromising the integrity of the construction industry.

The IET’s call for better resourcing is aimed at enhancing the capability of the Works Department to effectively fulfill its vital role. This appeal comes at a time when the safety and quality of buildings are garnering more public attention.

The initiative by IET aligns with the national goal of establishing a safe and sustainable built environment. With the government’s response to this call, there is hope for improved regulation in the construction sector, ensuring adherence to established standards and protocols for safer and more reliable construction practices.

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