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Formation of IET Ghana

Formation as Ghana Institution of Technician Engineers

In 1983, the groundwork for the Institution of Engineering and Technology Ghana was laid, marking the beginning of its journey. Aspiring to become a beacon for engineering professionalism and excellence in Ghana, dedicated individuals came together to establish this institution, laying the foundation for its future growth and contributions to the engineering community.

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Legal Recognition

Certificate of Incorporation

The year 1986 was the year this institution received its formal recognition through its Certificate of Incorporation. Under the provisions of the Professional Bodies Registration Decree 1973, the institution was registered as the Ghana Institution of Technician Engineers, solidifying its status as a licensed professional engineering body. This legal recognition provided a platform for the institution to operate within the framework of established regulations, setting the stage for its development and service to the engineering profession in Ghana.

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Evolution to Institution of Incorporated Engineers (I.I.E)

As the institution evolved and expanded its scope of activities, it underwent a significant transformation in 1996. Embracing global trends within the engineering profession, the institution rebranded itself as the Institution of Incorporated Engineers (I.I.E.). This rebranding reflected a forward-thinking approach, aligning with international standards and best practices, while reaffirming its commitment to engineering excellence and innovation.

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Constitutional Review

Adaptation and Expansion

Recognizing the need to adapt to changing times and address the evolving needs of its members and the engineering community, the institution embarked on a constitutional review process in 2014. This comprehensive review led to significant changes, including a name change to the Institution of Engineering and Technology Ghana. This strategic decision reflected the institution's commitment to staying relevant, responsive, and inclusive, while positioning itself as a leader in the engineering domain of Ghana.

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Professional Registration

Membership Expansion & Growth

Over the years, the institution has witnessed remarkable growth in its membership base, attracting professionals from diverse engineering disciplines. With a mandate from its law of incorporation, the institution is empowered to register Professional Engineers, Professional Engineering Technologists, Engineering Technicians, and Engineering Craftsmen. This expanded mandate revealed the institution's role as a regulatory body, ensuring the highest standards of professionalism, competence, and ethical conduct among its members, while advancing the engineering profession in Ghana.

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Institution of Engineering and Technology, Ghana

We set the Standards.

As we derive our membership from various professional practitioners, (i.e) from the Mechanical, Automobile, Aviation, Marine, Agricultural, Civil, Building/Construction, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunications, Chemical, Biomedical, and allied engineering fields; we continue to set the standards through professionalism, innovation, and ethical conduct.