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1Designing for a Low Earth Resistance for Electrical Safety18th March TBCTBCTBCDr. George EdufulZoom
2Revit Architectural 2022- Essentials 18th 19th March a. Plan, design construct, and manage buildings with powerful tools for Building Information Modeling (BIM). b. Begin modeling in 3D with accuracy and precision. c. Automatically update floor plans, elevations, and sections as your model develops. d. Essentials of annotation 800.001000.00CABROYALETBC
3Certificate in 3D Building Modeling - Revit Architectural26th Marcha. Building information modelling. b. Exploring User Interface. c. Working with Revit Elements. d. Conceptual modelling using massing. e. Presenting the model of building. f. Creating railing and stairs. g. Using editing commands for adding walls. h. Managing view, documentation and schedules. i. Controlling visibility of objects. j. Sheet18001800DALEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYZoom
4Certificate in Project Management2nd Aprila. Introduction to Project Management. b. Calendars. c. Task and its relationship. d. Work Breakdown Structure. e. Introduction to Project Management. f. Calendars. g. Task and its relationship. h. Work Breakdown Structure. i. Introduction to Project Management. j. Calendars. k. Task and its relationship. l. Work Breakdown Structure. m. Critical Path Method. n. Resource Assignment. o. Resource Analysis and Levelling. p. Project Tracking. q. Project Forecasting. r. Text and Graphical Reporting.1000.001000.00DALEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYZoom
5Certificate in 2D Drafting - Auto CAD8 and 9th Aprila. Introduction to Drafting b. Creation of 2D drawings c. Layer administration d. Dimensioning e. Hatching f. Using parametric limitations g. Blocks and attributes h. Dynamic Block i. Plotting1000.001000.00DALEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYZoom
6Certificate in Structural Analysis & Design16th Aprila. Introduction to STAAD.Pro b. Constants, Supports, and Specifications c. Seismology d. Water tank analysis e. Concrete Design f. Steel Design g. Report Generation1800.001800.00DALEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYZoom
7Certificate in 2D Electrical Drafting-AutoCAD Electrical23rd Aprila. Controls Design using standards-based drafting and PLC I/O tools b. Automation of report genera on and organization of files and projects c. Schematic symbol libraries d. Real- me error checking e. Automated wire numbering f. Schematic design tools g. Compelling visuals and presentations of Panel Layout module h. Project management to allow the designers to collaborate and work with team members and other personnel.1600.001600.00DALEX INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYZoom
8Engineering Professional Ethics and ethical advice to practitioners30th AprilTBCTBCTBCEngr. Atta-SonnoZoom
9Shacking up the earth , unveiling the causes and propagation of earthquakes7th MayTBCTBCTBCTBCZoom
10Energy Audit and its reporting14th MayTBCTBCTBCTBCZoom
11AutoCAD21st MayA - Introduction to AutoCAD • Overview of AutoCAD and its features • Setting up a project and basic navigation • Understanding the interface and basic tool B - 2D Drawing and Editing • Creating and editing basic geometric shapes • Using precision tools such as snaps and object tracking • Dimensioning and annotating drawings • Creating and editing text and multiline text Advanced Drawing Techniques"" • Using advanced features such as dynamic blocks, fields, and tables • Creating and editing layouts and viewports • Creating and editing custom symbols and blocks • Using AutoCAD's built-in tools for construction management 800.001000.00CABROYALEZoom
12How to avoid explosion in the application of capacity banks27th MayTBCTBCTBCTBCMOVE TO SEPTEMBER
13Permitting in Ghana, what the stake holders must know28th MayTBCTBCTBCEngr. Surv. Glover TsiogbeRESCHEDULE
14Structural Drafting and Detailing. Essentials3rd-4th JuneA - Introduction to Structural Drafting and Detailing • Overview of structural drafting and detailing • Understanding the different types of structures and materials • Basic concepts of load analysis and structural design B - Building Codes and Standards • Understanding the importance of building codes and standards • Familiarizing with the most common codes and standards used in structural drafting and detailing • Applying codes and standards to real-world projects C - Structural Detailing • Understanding the importance of detailing in construction • Creating detailed drawings, including reinforcement and connection details • Detailing steel, concrete, and timber structures • Building knowledge of international standards--CABROYALEZoom
16Effective lighting Protection18th JuneTBCTBCTBCTBCZoom
17Occupational Health and Safety25th JuneTBCTBCTBCIOSHZoom
18Technical Report Writing1st JulyTBCTBCTBCDR. Victoria Ansah/Engr. NyamekyeGnat Hall- in person
19Boot Camp in collaboration with IPMP15th JulyTBCTBCTBCEngr. Doc. Ebenezer Ankomah Nyamekyein person- cape coast
20Construction contract administration23rd JulyTBCTBCTBCDr. Gabriel NaniZoom
21Designing of earthquake structures30th JulyTBCTBCTBCDesign engineer from ministry of works and housingZoom
22New Ghana building regulations LI 24656th AugustTBCTBCTBCIng. Seth Bright AttipoeZoom
22bThe use of rebars for the construction industry in Ghana.- The challenges and way forward18th AugustTBCTBCTBCTBCIn person
23The role of Engineers in the Electrical Vehicle Transition20th AugustTBCTBCTBCDr. G.K AyetorZoom
25Personal branding skills3rd SeptemberTBCTBCTBCInstitute of executive Studies (IES)Zoom
38Cement Academy- Understanding the use of cement 15th DecemberTBCTBCTBCGhacemIn person

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